5 Skills You Absolutely Need On a New Online Startup Team

If you are going to start up your own online business or become part of a startup team for the first time, you will need to develop the skills necessary to make the best contribution to the team effort. There is little doubt that the information out there is immense and may seem overwhelming. However, if you know how to focus your efforts, you can develop the five skills that are absolutely needed to help start up an online business.

While there are certainly many worthwhile skills that can be developed, there are five however that is simply crucial to the proper development of an online business. If you can master one or more of these skills, you will become a valuable member of the startup team. Plus, if you can develop all of these skills, you may very well start your own online business with a much greater chance of success.


Copywriting is arguably the most crucial skill in marketing an online business. This is because the ability to sell with words is what draws customers in. Whether you are writing a sales page, developing a video script or simply writing a powerful sales article for your blog or other publication, developing good copywriting skills can create an immense amount of wealth in your business efforts.

Most people overlook copywriting, preferring to spend most of their time working on their product instead. However, it’s not the product itself that sells as it is how you package it with great copywriting that lets people know just how good it is. There have been countless great products that sat on the shelves going nowhere until someone with excellent copywriting skills sold it to the public.

Copywriting is crucial for affiliate marketers, professional bloggers, freelance artists and those who specialize in writing sales pages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Although SEO has changed somewhat over the years, it is still arguably the best way to pull in consistent web traffic of interested visitors. This is because most people find products through Google and other search engines. By knowing how to modify your website using good SEO skills, you can pull in more people to your website.

Right now, there is a great need for those with SEO skills, making them one of the most in-demand jobs on the internet today. Those with good SEO skills are valuable members of a startup team because they can accelerate the ability of a website to pull in new customers. Such skills are valuable for affiliate marketing as well as being an SEO freelancer. By developing these skills, you can help increase the exposure of an online business rapidly and successfully.


WordPress is arguably the simplest, most effective web building platform available for businesses today. While other platforms have distinct advantages, WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) that helps you build a website without needing to know anything about coding or web development.

While many people see WordPress as simply a blogging platform, it is actually more than that. WordPress can pull together many different resources to help you build an effective sale funnel along with many other features that are crucial to the success of an online business.

While good copywriting is the key to running a successful online business, WordPress has the platform to put your words out where others can see them. You can develop and use these skills which will help you install WordPress, product creation, freelance development and affiliate marketing as well.


While knowing WordPress is important, you’ll want to have good, basic HTML skills as well. While you don’t have to learn all the nuances, understanding the basics is vital because it provides insight on how websites really work and how they can be tweaked to get what you want from them.

Fortunately, learning basic HTML is not all that difficult and may actually be fun if you choose the right resources. Plus, when combining HTML with CSS you can really open up many opportunities in website development. You can work in freelance development, technical support or even do agency work that will boost your profile and make you a valuable member of the startup team.

Design Layout

Creating a website with WordPress is easy. Making it look attractive to potential customers is another matter entirely. All of your efforts to pull in visitors will do little good if they are turned off by the design of the website.

A good web designer brings together excellent navigation, simple menus, and pleasing aesthetics to create a website that really closes the sale. In fact, creating an excellent design can get you hired by other companies who want to mimic your success.

Of course, design, layout skills to do more than just help sell a website as they sell the business as well. This means that having good design layout skills will boost the branding of a business as well as eBook design and freelance web design.

Start Small and Work Your Way Up

You will not develop any of these skills overnight, so your first step is to choose one and start small. Use your own resources to build a website using WordPress, for example, then build up your skills by taking small jobs that will help you develop your reputation.

Freelancing is the best way to go since you can choose projects on your own time that you can handle while building up the reputation of being highly skilled in the area that you select. If you stay on track, you’ll become a valuable asset to anyone who is looking for these skills. By combining copywriting with SEO and WordPress, the sky may be the limit in terms of how far you can go. You can find out more information on the skills needed to become part of a startup team or in starting up your own website at “Stratisio.” Here, you can harness your passions that will serve you well in online business. Plus, you will learn more about content creation, marketing products and effectively branding your business online. Plus, you can delve more into SEO, HTML, and other necessary skills all by reading “Stratisio.”